Best advertising rate

We are an accredited advertising agency of all kinds of publication, including online media, in Hong Kong, the PRC, and also the rest of the world.
You can be assured that you will get the best advertising rate in town with our special agency discounts offered by thousands of publishers.

Media planning advice

Media planning is the essence of an effective advertising scheme. Our marketing experts will select the best advertising channels for you, according to your budget, ensuring that your message will reach your target audiences.

One-stop design services

As the first Hong Kong advertising agency equipped with digital output & printing facilities, we can produce a wide range of top-quality printed materials such as posters, leaflets, and brochures. Constant updating of our equipments allows us to produce banners, easy roll stands, backdrops and souvenirs…… We believe that no matter how diversified your promotion need are, we are able to meet them successfully.

Customer-oriented service

Your opinion is most valued. Our experienced staff members will work with you all through the production process so that your precise requirement will be fulfilled.